Nature Research Symposium

“Metamaterials and Grand Challenges”

The metamaterials community has come a long way since the proposal by Veselago, allowing exciting material capabilities. But can metamaterials address the so-called “grand challenges” and major health and technology issues on a global scale? Nature Communications, Nature Materials and Nature Photonics are organising a Nature Research Symposium discussing some “grand challenges”, where leading experts from various communities will gather to talk about the potential of metamaterials to improve upon state-of-the-art for some well-known and unexplored avenues of research.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Andrei Faraon - "Integration in commercial devices" 
Giuseppe Strangi - "Biomedical applications"
Harry Atwater - "Science opportunities for perfect photonic materials"
Lucie Green - "Applications in space instrumentation" 

The Nature Research Symposium is organised in cooperation with:

Lina Persechini, Team Manager, Nature Communications
Maria Maragkou, Senior Editor, Nature Materials
Rachel Won, International Editor, Nature Photonics

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